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Infrared Pressotherapy machine   MY-J30
ProductNO.: Pro20181210175042
Model: MY-J30
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Port: GuangZhou
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Infrared Pressotherapy  machine 
*Air pressure de-toxin
Air pressure can promote lymph circulation and drain away waste inside the body. It is different from the traditional vibration treatment, it use air bag to give a full pressure to exercise body fat. The beautician use different massage way with help of the instrument, can accelerate lymph circulation and drain out waste, keep lymph system run smooth. 

Far infrared sauna 
Fat dissolve: far infrared heat directly make effect to fat tissue, make fat cell dissolve and liquify. Fat contract: far infrared heat focus to increase temperature of body, expand skin pore, drain away sweat in large quantity. The water of fat cell is drained out, in this way to reduce volume of fat cell. Relax muscle: far infrared heat can reduce the muscle extension, relief muscle convulsion. Others: Diminish inflammation, cool pain, stimulate tissue regeneration, soft scar.

1. promote the metabolism function of the body. 
2,Strengthen the circulation functions of blood and lymph liquid. 
3,improve the hydroncus phenomenon. 
4,improve the varix. 
5,improve bee`s nest inflammation. 
6,resolve with high speed of eliminating toxin in the body.

Suitable for :
- Reducing weight and improve looks 
- Postpartum women 
- For users who need long time rehabilitation 
- For working people and sport players 
- The athlete with surges training, modern`s life tension, the tight, easy fatigue of muscle and great stress.

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